A methodology specific to the Life survey:


Our study of the collective agreements includes 6 work stages :

• 1st step: we conduct with you the analysis of the needs, the sought objectives, the desired improvements, for the collaborators as well as the management of the firm.

• 2nd step: we collect information on demography and concerned hierarchy, the existing contracts and their endorsements, the pricing practiced by college and payement class (regarding the French Social Security System), the paid contributions, the distribution between wage share and employers' share.

• 3rd step: we conduct a detailed analysis of the contracts in place and applied guarantees. We take into account the conventional and lawful obligations which are essential on your company.

• 4th step: on your ask, we collect the technical results of the contracts in place. We analyze the claim risk, the brought services, the mathematical provisions.

• 5th step: our preliminary audit enables us to conduct for you a market study and the search of the best offer.

• 6th step: we present to you the offers of guarantees' pricing received from the insurers.


Guarantees for your collaborators : To fulfill any obligation or to foster collaborators loyalty, ASSUREFACILE  follows you in the study, the installation and the follow-up of collective agreements :

• Collective agreements of precaution: An insurance which covers the death, the incapacity and the disability of your employees.

• Collective agreements of the health costs: The progressive transfer of care reimbursement from the general retirement cover towards the additional retirement cover opens the possibility to settle the guarantees level in your company by category of employees.

• Allowances for end of career: A financing solution of the social liability within a favorable tax setting.

• Social agents : A custom-made cover for the leaders.

• Key man insurance: To avoid to associate a sick leave with a stop of the company.


A & G brings its help for new solutions spreading.

Upstream, we are present at your sides in the company to expose to the collaborators and the staff representatives your projects of insurances. We assist you in the organization of a referendum or the drafting of the unilateral decision.

Then, ASSUREFACILE is present at the time of the installation by :

• An assistance for internal meetings of information,

• An appointment with the collaborators for the signature of the individual bulletins of affiliation.