Companies: custom-made insurance answers


The insurance answers offered by ASSUREFACILE allow you to guard against the loss or the deterioration of the goods that you have as owner, user or responsible.

These contracts cover you in case of fire, water damage, robbery, natural, climatic or atmospheric disaster, electric damage, shards...

They also cover the responsibilities committed in the scope of your professional activity.


Multiple risk companies : The insurance of the buildings, materials, goods for the companies, shopkeepers, craftsmen and professions.


Buildings : Insurance of join ownership association, co-owners' association, landowners, social landlords.


Machine fragments : Custom made guarantee for strategic materials to provide the perenniality of your activity.


business liability : Insure your business liability and your responsibility taking account of products and services you sell.


Motor car fleet : Insure the motor car fleet and rolling stock you use.


Carried merchandises : Haulier or companies from industrial sector, guarantee the loss and the damages on the goods from the time they leave the company.


Operating loss : Take out « the life insurance » of your company. A guarantee of gross margin loss and additional operating cost, essential to the survival of your company in the event of disaster and operating stop.